Feedback Quetionnaire

S.No Parameter 1 2 3 4 5
1 Rate the syllabus of the courses in relation to the competencies expected from the course
2 Rate the relevance of the units in Syllabus relevant to the course
3 Rate the content of course and relevance of the Units
4 Rate the offering of the electives in terms of their relevance to the specialization streams
5 Rate the electives offered in relation to the Technological advancements
6 Rate the applicability/relevance of the curriculum with respect to current technological standards
7 Usefulness of the course in terms of knowledge, concepts, vocational skills, analytical abilities and broadening perspectives
8 Rate the percentage of courses having laboratory components
9 Rate the appropriateness of the sequence of courses provided in the curriculum
10 Rate the depth of syllabus of the course in relation to the competencies expected by the Industry
11 Rate the design of course with respect to self-learning
12 Rate the composition of the course in terms of Basic Science, Engineering Science, Humanities, Discipline Core, Discipline Elective, Open Elective etc.